The Benefits of Hemp

Hemp, popularly known as industrial hemp, is in the family of Cannabis sativa plant and famous for its industrial and health use. Arguments have been made both for and against the overall benefits of this plant. To counter any negative speculations, research shows that it dates back to the earlier centuries when the early inhabitants of earth discovered winding fiber. Many people have confused it with marijuana but over time, experts have proven its distinction in terms of chemical make up, psychoactive effects, and use.

Natural hemp has a number of benefits. First, it is a rich source of raw materials. All its components from leaves, flowers and seeds are useful in the health and organic sector. These can be used in dairy products, animal feed and cosmetics. Its use go all the way down to the stalks, which are rich in fibers. The fibers found in hemp are used in the paper industry, bio fuel, clothing, and construction. The farming industries has also been influenced by hemp in more ways than one. Countries that grow hemp as a cash crop benefit significantly. It is not only preferred in their crop rotation, but also in keeping farms soul structure rich. Hemp detoxifies soil and prevent soil erosion thus leaving it rich with nutrients. To add on to that, growing hemp is cheap and environmentally friendly because it requires little water and fertilizers to grow.

Many states have embraced growing hemp and recorded high retail value. Of the many benefits that come with hemp, oils and beauty products sell the most. Growing hemp offers a wide variety of hemp beauty products ranging from oil sprays, muscle gels and lotions to lip balms and pain relieving ointments. Acne has even been cured by hemp seeds. Hemp is also used in making herbal tinctures which are on the rise in the market as they help to care for skin, leaving it smooth, moist, and without blemishes. Its seeds are also rich in protein which provides the body with essential amino acids. Hemp is increasingly known for its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory benefits to severe diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and arthritis. Hemp maintains the blood sugar level, which is a factor that influences aging and diseases. It can be used as an edible in powder form and many doctors advise patients as a complement to their diet to get back in shape. From the on-goings above, it is evident that hemp is an essential plant, in more ways than one. It provides both commercial and health solutions. To learn more about hemp, check out this link:

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